Housing in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most expensive city in the US. The Silicon Valley with it’s worldwide known company :Google, Microsoft, Facebook …and it’s new tech companies, “startups ” Attracts many workers specialised in technology.

As new people come to work here with important amount of income, the housing is getting up.

As a student you can do collocations, renting a room in an inhabitant house…

I have chosen to stay in the USA student residency, in nob hill. A good quality place for a not so much high price :$ 975 per month for a shared room (2) with the hallway bathroom. They provide individual rooms and / or private bathroom

they have a big common kitchen with amenities, a dinning room and a gaming area with a bar.

You’ll find as well a laundry, a library …and each day different activities



Mission district

The historical Latino’s neighbourhood.

Full of street art paintings on Victorian houses. You will find there the best Mexican food in restaurants called “taqueria”. The Dolores park is a popular place where citizen goes to spend sunny afternoons and play sports such as volleyball, basketball, frisbee…

A place  to see for sure!

Nevertheless this attractiveness have a negative impact, it is becoming more and more expensive to live in for local people. A gentrification phenomenon is taking place as the Latino’s community is pushing of its neighbourhood, creating some tensions between the new and the old inhabitants.

Japanese Tea Garden


The Japanese tea garden was built in 1894 for an international exposition. The horticulturist of the park at the time, John Mclaren allowed it to remain afterward, making it one of the oldest attraction of the golden gate park.

  • Did you know that?

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The little lanterns are symbolising the 5 elements :

  1. Earth (base on the floor)
  2. Water (section upon the base one),
  3. Fire (light part)
  4. Air  (section upon the light)
  5. Mind (the upper one).